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Nick has an insatiable desire and passion for music. His father's influence of rock and heavy metal led him to be immersed in the music world since his childhood. He was raised amidst his father's theatre business and music promotion for major bands in the USA. During his teen years, Nick had a heavy metal band in upstate, NY and he was a guitar player. In the late 1990's he was deeply influenced by electronic music and has been involved with it since then. He finds the monotonous rhythm of heavy metal very similar to the driving bass of electronic music. Very soon, he started promoting electronic music at local clubs. He collected every piece of equipment to build his music studio and practiced night and day to pursue his passion to be a good DJ. In the past decade as a DJ, he mesmerized large crowds at local clubs with his music. With a solid background of being an electrician, he installed sound and light systems in clubs in upstate, NY. Many club owners and DJs started referring to him as "TEK NIC", in reference to his multitude of skills as a technician and as a DJ.

Due to the predominance of hip-hop and radio culture in upstate NY, Nick's favorite ventures mostly include Montreal, NYC, and Miami (WMC). He is one of the very few DJs that play house and techno in upstate NY and is still relentless in promoting it locally. By now, he held many residencies at local clubs and his talent is widely known throughout the area. His favorite Global DJs like Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Danny Tenaglia, Behrouz, Mark Knight, D Ramirez, Sander Van Doorn and others continue to inspire him to play music that captivates the audience. He is versatile in blending various genres of electronic music and plays a wide spectrum that includes uplifting club hits from deep house, vocal house, progressive melodies, tribal beats, mood altering dark minimal episodes and mind blowing techno.

Despite the convenience of technology, he chooses a path that focuses on both his skills and technology, for he knows that the true musicians notice the difference. With thorough practice and his uncompromising attitude to deliver quality music mixes, Nick performed at clubs and lounges in NYC (including the world famous Webster Hall). Since 2008, he continued to learn new techniques that aid in music production, especially through programs like pro tools. He eagerly awaits an opportunity to sign with a major record label before releasing his new tracks. The year 2010 looks very promising with developing interactions through his networking in NYC, Montreal, Miami, and he also hopes to be on a tour overseas.

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